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Joined for Life

This is a body of work I regret making as much as I am grateful for the chain of events set off by it’s making. My experiences with gender discordance have a lot in common with those of many trans identified people but with exception: my very real desire to be in a female body corresponds with a likewise desire to be embodied as conjoined twins. This error of body image led to a lifelong obsession and culminated in this body of work in which I uncritically explored this situation as an extension of what was, at the time, my trans identity. As embarrassingly twisted as this sounds, it led to two great developments. Firstly, I was confronted with the untenability of the trans narrative I was living under given that my parallel desires for a body different from my own where so clearly incommensurate with reality. Secondly, I discovered the face of Christ in the faces of those I was unduly and idolatrously obsessed with. My desires and suffering have not disappeared but I am learning to live with them with neither repression nor indulgence.